The following comments are representative of themany that have been made by individuals supporting the effort to ensure the perpetual existence of a public pier in Emerald Isle:

“It is a valuable recreational outlet to many handicapped and elderly that otherwise would not have access to fishing on the coast. Not only is the pier important to the elderly, but pier fishing on the coast of North Carolina is a valuable heritage that needs to be available to our children.”

“Access to the pier benefits a whole range of people, from fishermen to sightseers to surfers – I hope we can work together to preserve this landmark for public use!”

“As a teenager I worked at the Emerald Isle Fishing Pier and met all kinds of interesting people from all over. I have fond memories of days and nights spent in the shadow of our piers. The coast of North Carolina needs to maintain its fishing piers so that people from all economic backgrounds can enjoy our beaches.”

“Piers are the last resort for the average American to get away and fish for food and enjoyment. I learned to fish on the coast as a child on a pier.”

“I’ve been vacationing at Emerald Isle for 20 years. So many of my memories are tied to the pier. Fishing all night as an adult or just standing under it and staring out to sea. Emerald Isle prides itself on its uniqueness. What better symbolizes that? One of the few piers remaining on the NC coast, or another set of condos? I’m all for progress, but this would be a step back for Emerald Isle as a vacation destination.”

“My whole family has enjoyed the pier and some have fished from the pier on several occasions. I always take first time visitors to the pier. I would miss having it there.”

“Not only is the pier a part of Emerald Isle’s history, it’s a part of my history as well. I have wonderful memories of my childhood revolving around the pier & I can only wish that for others.”

“Our family has vacationed in Emerald Isle for over 12 years. We all have fond memories of a yearly stop at the pier. The kids loved it and enjoyed seeing the fisherman and their catch. We even did some fishing from the pier from time to time.”

“Please help save a public pier in Emerald Isle, so that our children and their children can know the simple pleasure of walking, watching the sunset and fishing on a pier. Some of my best childhood beach memories involve families on a pier. But so much of our oceanfront is being bought up by the very rich, often not from North Carolina or even very interested in North Carolina except as an investment. Please preserve something everyone can enjoy!”

“My husband and I enjoy our nightly walks to the pier. This has become a tradition with us over the years as we visit Emerald Isle. It’s a pleasure to walk to the pier and have the opportunity to visit with those that come to fish. It’s amazing how many nice folks you can meet at the pier.”

“So many hours spent on the pier with family and teaching children how to fish. The world is so busy it helps us to stop and focus on the important things.”

“Visiting the pier is one of my greatest memories as a kid. I have two young children now and I would like to create the same memories with them.”

“We have been camping at Emerald Isle for 15 years. Our son is currently 13 years old and is confined to a wheelchair. He loves going to the pier. It’s a shame this will be taken away from others with similar disabilities.”

“I’ve always enjoyed going out on the pier just to get out there and hear the ocean and watch what is going on. You can’t get that view anywhere else on the beach, especially at night when the moon and stars are out.”

“This pier is a great place for all kids and adults for a family atmosphere. It provides a place that builds character among American youth and should not be destroyed for someone’s person gain.”

“I try to get back to my home state of North Carolina each summer. One of the highlights of the trip is the homage trek to Emerald Isle to walk down the pier. Let us, please, work to keep the best of our state in tact.”